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Swiss 1JJ Tarot Deck

August 15, 2009

1JJ (Swiss) Tarot Deck

Designer, Artist: Unknown
Country of Publication: U.S.A.
Number of Cards: 78
Publication Year: 1970
Publication Status: In Print
Reference: Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. I, p. 270

Popular tarot deck depicting 19th century-style artwork and costumed figures. Early North American editions used French titles on the cards; later editions changed the titles into English. The High Priestess and Hierophant cards are represented by (and titled after) the Roman deities Junon and Jupiter respectively. The pip cards are unillustrated. I prefer this deck because the Junon and Jupiter cards are a refreshing Archetype from the High Priestess and Hierophant. Because the origination of Tarot Cards has Renaissance influences, many decks followed the religious icons of these two. (refer to my article on Tarot history)



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Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set

July 3, 2009

What a rare opportunity!

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