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Tarot Card Spreads

June 27, 2009
  • Tarot Card Spreads

There are as many different Layouts or Spreads as there are people. Some spreads are older than others and each spread has a goal behind its structure, even The One Card spread. Some of the most familiar are; The Celtic Cross, Seven Card Progression, or Question and Answer spread. All though there are traditional or familiar spreads, each Reader will have their own understanding or interpretation of a particular spread. Here are a few examples…

The Celtic Cross

The Horoscope Spread

The Horseshoe Spread

The Romany Spread

The Six Month Spread

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The Six Month Tarot Spread

June 8, 2009

The Six Month Tarot spread is a great Tarot layout that gives a good overview for a six month time period. Covering 7 different areas of life, with 3 cards devoted to each category.

In total, you’ll use 21 cards.

Laying the cards

1    4    7    10    13    16    19

2    5    8    11    14    17    20

3    6    9    12    15    18    21

First Column: The Self

This column focuses on what is in the querent’s mind currently, both consciously and unconsciously. It will indicate new emotional and mental changes, including creativity, ambition and intuition, some of which the questioner may not even be aware of.

Second Column: What’s Around the Querent

Personal relationships including friends, lovers, family and colleagues, would be covered by this card. If the cards seem impersonal, the cards may refer to the physical home or workplace rather than the people in it.

Third Column: Dreams and Wishes

Hopes and fears are revealed in this column, some of which may surprise even the questioner.

Fourth Column: What the Querent Expects

Plans in progress, projects in motion, known factors, Success or delays may be revealed here.

Fifth Column: What the Querent does not expect

In this column, the hand of fate appears and you can see destiny in action. Most of what appears here is a surprise and completely unexpected.

Sixth Column: Nearer Future

This column covers future events, usually in the 2-3 month range.

Seventh Column: Further Future

This column reveals event occurring in the further future, usually around the 4-6 month range. Sometimes there will be connections between the 6th and 7th columns to show events progressing. If there is nothing apparent, not to worry. Just read it as it comes to you; often there is no connection between the immediate and further future events.

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