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Intuitive Tarot

August 21, 2009

Designer, Artist: Cilla Conway
Country of Publication: U.S.A.
Number of Cards: 78
Publication Year: 2004
Publication Status: In Print

The Intuitive Tarot is… “a sophisticated tool for self-development. The accompanying book demonstrates various techniques to working with the cards on whatever level you choose. You can use them simply to gain insight into day-to-day issues and what may lie ahead in your career, relationships, health and home life. Or you may wish to see them as a mirror, to see underlying motives, patterns, and possibilities in your life. Going deeper still, you can use them as spiritual feedback, discovering the invisible archetypal energies that surround you, assisting or challenging you to gain your highest potential in life.

The Intuitive Tarot is a tarot deck forged from passion. These are not just illustrations; they have a power and sense of connection all their own.”

From the authors website.



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