Robert Wang and The Jungian Tarot

September 14, 2009


Robert Wang designed the Jungian Tarot as a “visual gateway into the complexities of Jungian psychology.” The major arcana cards show archetypal figures within an archway surrounded by a mandala and other related symbols. The court cards are family members (father, mother, daughter and son) with personalities relating to their suit element (shown in the background). These cards have color-coded frames. The numbered suit cards show the suit token within a rope-style border. There are no titles or identifiers of any kind on the cards. The Jungian Tarot was originally published as a deck/book set with the book Tarot Psychology: Handbook for the Jungian Tarot. This set is now out of print. The deck itself has been reprinted, but does not include an instruction booklet. A different companion book The Jungian Tarot and Its Archetypal Imagery by Wang is still available. It describes the history and symbolism of the major arcana cards.




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