Are Tarot Readings Real?

August 30, 2009

Are Tarot Readings real? Do all Tarot Readers have the very same skills… or is it only certain “special souls who are gifted with such amazing intuitive abilities?

I thought they were all just good guessers!

Absolutely not! The truth? A good Tarot intuitive is like an amazing artist in the understanding of human emotion, power and potential. Each of us has a destiny of one sort or another. And while I do believe that the choices we make define our destiny… I also KNOW for a fact that there are some paths more successful for us than others. A gifted Tarot Reader can certainly help you along that path.

Okay… but are ALL Tarot Readers created equal?

Absolutely not! We all have the ability to read the Tarot, but some are more gifted than others. It’s like singing, we all can sing, but how well? Some readers, I’ll be honest, are simply guessing and making the whole thing up. Other intuitive Tarot Readers are the REAL deal, and can literally change your life and path.

Finding a Tarot Card Reader is not an easy task. There are thousands of advertised tarot readers, but that does not mean they are all good at reading cards. Just like with any thing else in life, some people are naturally better at reading cards. One of the best Tarot card readers is someone who has many years of experience. It is someone who has studied the meaning of the cards, and also had so much experience with them that they have found their own interpretation of the cards based on the classic meaning combined with their own personal interpretation. Some readers can become proficient quickly, but in my opinion, experience can not be learned.

It is obvious that any Tarot reader will advertise that they are accurate and have many years of experience and even if they do have many years of practice it still does not make them a master at reading the Tarot.

You have to listen to your intuition first. Everybody has a psychic power, it is called our intuition or gut feeling.

What I can tell you about finding a Tarot reader is that there are four basic kinds of tarot readings. There are the phone tarot readers, the instant messenger readers and the email tarot card readings, as well as the live reading. The phone readers typically charge a per minute fee so things can get pricey quickly. The instant messenger readings or live readings, have to be made by appointment which can sometimes be difficult to schedule.

If you can’t meet your Tarot Reader in person, having an email tarot reading is one the best ways to have your cards read because there are no appointments or waiting by the phone or computer. You do need to communicate well with the reader, but if you need a reading, you email your reader with your questions and they reply with your answers. It is really that simple.

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