How Accurate Are Tarot Cards?

July 30, 2009

Tarot reader, Corrine Kenner, in her book, Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards, mentions that, “defining your question might be the single most important part of getting a good tarot reading.”

But how accurate are tarot cards? Are they for real… or simply a strange, magical and exciting foray into the silly world of the paranormal?

Okay…but aren’t Tarot Cards New Age nonsense…? I mean, it’s sort of a silly thing, right?

Absolutely NOT! Tarot card readers date back many centuries and intuitive’s have used cards and other “divination” tools since the earliest recorded history. There are many “Oracles” and other advisers that used either Tarot, or other similar accouterments of different types to help facilitate the process of clear sight and prophecy. Is the Oracle at Delphi familiar?

High above the slopes of Mt. Parnassus, the Oracle of Delphi represented the epitome of ancient divination. Both the great and the lowly consulted the oracle for advice on personal matters to great questions impacting empires. Croesus acted on the oracles advice in 546 BC and lost an empire; Sparta and Athens received advice enabling them to defeat Xerxes in 481 BC.

Tarot is used today for counseling in Nursing, adult guidance and many other support forums. Courses are offered in different fields.

Archetypal Tarot Counseling uses Jungian and transpersonal psychology theories to teach new techniques of self-assessment and self-development. This course uses Tarot card’s symbology in the same way as guided imagery and dream interpretation uses inner images. The skills gained will help the nurse facilitate assessment of their client’s developmental needs that will aid client teaching. In addition, the student will discover that Tarot counseling can be used in many applications beyond traditional nursing. This new skill will expand the nurse’s ever growing scope of influence in the community…”

To be sure, Tarot is not to be used in place of medical or legal advice, but Tarot can help us make our choices with confidence.

Are the cards themselves magic… or is it the reader who is the one with the gift?

Many people have different opinions on this, but I will tell you, from my OWN experience, it’s a combination of YOUR contribution and the “gift” of the reader to interpret your selections. The key to understand is, the cards themselves are just a map, a tool, or a guide to help clear up your question and the reader’s job is simply to Inuit exactly what’s in store for you when you do one thing or another. A reading clarifies your choices and what you do and do not want. Or recommends an alternative path that the “cards” present as more viable, and a recommended option instead…

Millions of people seek Tarot readings to help them in their daily lives. They ask about how to deal with their relationships and how to find success in their endeavors.

So I ask again, How Accurate Are Tarot Cards?

The accuaracy of the cards depends on how clear your question is, and what you do with the advice given by the cards. Tarot can suggest, can shed light, but ultimately it is up to you and your choices that decide how accurate and helpful a Tarot Reading can be.

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