The Transparent Tarot

July 23, 2009


Designer, Artist: Emily Carding
Country of Publication: U.S.A.
Number of Cards: 78
Publication Year: 2008
Publication Status: In Print

The Transparent Tarot offers a new and clever twist on the traditional deck: clear plastic cards with identifiable but sparse imagery printed upon the cards. The design allows for three-dimensional readings, as cards can be placed on top of each other as well as adjacent. Alignment rules at the top and bottom of the cards, and staggered numbering in the borders allows the viewer to see exactly which cards are being overlaid.

Emily Carding has designed and published a truly original and empathetic deck of  Tarot that will change how Tarot is both learned and used! In The Transparent Tarot the cards are intuitive in themselves so that your intuition is an easy extension of the deck. The archetype is felt not just seen and with feeling comes inspiration and understanding. The Transparent Tarot is a must for all new and old to the Tarot.

If you buy one deck of  Tarot, The Transparent Tarot is the one!



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