20th Century Tarot

July 8, 2009


Designer: Kevin G. Burne
Country of Publication: U.S.A.
Number of Cards: 78
Publication Year: 1970
Publication Status: Out-of-Print
Reference: Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. I, p. 283

Description: The 20th Century Tarot (78-card/book set) was made in 1970 by the Skor-Mor Corporation of Anaheim California. The 24-page booklet was written (and deck design often attributed to) Kevin G. Burne. The simple, black-and-white line drawings invoke a simplicity. The pip cards are non-scenic. The set was made for game more than divination.
“An Entertaining and Enlightening Means of Predicting the Future”


I just picked up this deck the other day and was enchanted! Sometimes a simple icon of the Archetypes is just what is needed. This deck works exactly because of its simplicity!

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