Complete List of Archetypes

July 4, 2009

0       The Fool

Symbolism: Innocence and wonder.

Archetype: The Child.

I       The Magician

Symbolism: Magic and power.

Archetype: The Trickster.

II      The High Priestess

Symbolism: Intuition

Archetype: The Anima — the unconscious female element of the male.

III     The Empress

Symbolism: Nature and fertility.

Archetype: The Mother.

IIII    The Emperor

Symbolism: Masculine authority and power.

Archetype: The Father and the Hero.

V       The Hierophant

Symbolism: Guidance or a teacher.

Archetype: The Wise Old Man.

VI       The Lovers

Symbolism: Lover and union of opposites.

Archetypes: The Soul or both the Anima and Animus (the opposite of the Anima, the male element of the female).

VII      The Chariot

Symbolism: Hard work and victory.

Archetype: The Warrior.

VIII     Justice

Symbolism: Balance and justice.

Archetype: Justice.

VIIII    The Hermit

Symbolism: Wisdom

Archetype: Another Wise Old Man!

X         The Wheel of Fortune

Symbolism: Change, moving in circles.

Archetype: Fate and Destiny.

XI         Strength

Symbolism: Determination.

Archetype: Endurance.

XII        The Hanged Man

Symbolism: Necessary sacrifice.

Archetype: Sacrifice.

XIII        Death

Symbolism: Change, transition.

Archetype: Rebirth

XIIII     Temperance

Symbolism: Moderation.

Archetype: The Union of Opposites.

XI          The Devil

Symbolism: Being trapped.

Archetype: The Trickster, or sexual energy.

XVI        The Tower

Symbolism: Chaos, unwanted change.

Archetype: Chaos.

XVII      The Star

Symbolism: Hope and the spirit.

Archetype: The Star.

XVIII     The Moon

Symbolism: Emotions.

Archetype: The Moon — linked with dreams.

XVIIII    The Sun

Symbolism: Joy.

Archetype: The Sun.

XX         Judgment

Symbolism: Judgment and completion.

Archetype: Evaluation and reward.

XXI       The World

Symbolism: Fulfillment.

Archetype: Satisfaction, wholeness.

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