The Minor Arcana

June 27, 2009

The Minor Arcana/Pips or Lesser Secrets are essential for a balanced reading indicating minor details and finer shades of meaning to the whole picture. Indeed the very words “minor” or “lesser” are misleading for these cards possess great subtlety and help us put the entire picture into focus. The Minor Arcana reveal details in which the Major Arcana present overall themes. All suits of The Minor Arcana are weakened or strengthened by their companions. Some combine well and bring out the best in each other; others have little in common and reduce one another’s effectiveness.


The Wands burst with fire and visionary energy. Symbolic of optimistic action on the inner and outer planes of reality, Wands emphasize the power of intuitive inspiration. The active, positive vibrations of Wands are objective, that is, they tend to describe events that have an impact on the physical world.


The full spectrum of feelings is expressed by this suit. Cups manifest in the personal life, and denote intuition. Here it is based on intense feelings rather then with visions. When cups prevail in a spread it will tend to focus on feelings, fertility, creativity, and psychic intuition.


Swords symbolize mental-activity; thought, logic and reason. Traditionally Swords bring discord and strife by limited thinking. Swords frequently represent states of mind rather than actual events. When feelings, intuitions or practical considerations are ignored, then thought alone can create unnecessary suffering. When Swords dominate a spread it will tend to focus on decisions, mental activity, and intellectual stimulus. All forms of verbal and written communication. Law and science.


Pentacles symbolic qualities are grounded action and practicality. Pentacles are objective like Wands. Pentacles tend to dominate tangible, material events, objects and circumstances. Such as; worldly concerns, money, property, daily routines, and individual status. The five senses and individual pleasures are also ruled by this suit.

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