June 11, 2009

I’m one who needs a goal to walk a path. The goal does not need to be tangible. It can be completely imaginary. But my mind is so easily overwhelmed with my thirst for knowledge.

I work very hard at keeping my inquiries as structured and clear as I can so I don’t lose my way. Wandering off on this tangent and that! Wandering is fun and you can learn a lot, but I strive to keep my goal in sight so that I feel the accomplishment of a specific answer to a specific question.

This is something I have taught my self to do after finding myself turning into surreal landscapes of the mind, and having no idea how I got there and what the original question was!

What was I looking for?

Ever head into the next room to retrieve something and when you step into the room you completely forgot what it was you were getting? This as an unfortunate common occurrence for me!

Sometimes I let myself wander in order to let fate have free reign and to be open to any suggestions that may not be yelling loud enough for me to hear. Humans can be so deaf sometimes! At least I can.

Here I go again, wandering…

My point is, if something sparks your interest, follow up on it. Keep the original curiosity fresh and clear. Follow your instincts! There might be a message waiting for you.

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