Is The Major Arcana More Important?

June 10, 2009

“…When I first started reading Tarot, this first impression was immediately crushed by all the authoritative works I read. They told me that the Trumps were the most important.”

This is a qoute from a very informative article on Tarot Eon.

Thinking that the Major Arcana/Trumps are more important than the Minor Arcana/Pips is a common perception. I disagree with it.

I have never looked at the Tarot as having a hierarchy. I look at the Tarot as circular, each card representing a particular point in a person’s life, beginning with The Fool and ending at the last Minor Arcana/Pip.

Each Major Arcana represents an Eventful/Larger point in our lives, but the Minor Arcana fill in the details. To me the details are more important, because as humans, we have more control and understand the details more than we do the Eventful/Larger points in our lives. The details are what ultimately cause and affect the major events in our lives. A minor change is always easier and more successful than a major change. And the minor changes eliminate the need for a major change down the road.

Just as our life is a circular journey, the cards that appear in each reading progress until all the cards relevant to our path, have come and gone or returned as the case may be. One card, be it Major or Minor, is never more important than another, each represents a moment, but that same kind of moment is more important to some than it is to others! So any card can have more importance if it applies to some thing that really matters to the querent.

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