The Romany Tarot Spread

June 8, 2009

This layout is believed to have originated with the Romany Gypsies, who’s fabled psychic gifts and fortune telling skills sprang from their origins. Gypsies regarded Tarot as a book of knowledge and wisdom which could be read by anyone who understood its mysteriously deeply symbolic language,

The Romany spread uses twenty-one cards, which may be laid out in vertical columns of three cards each, or three horizontal rows of seven cards each. The Romany spread reveals both present and future influences, potential and hidden factors.

How to ask your question

The querent should clearly frame a question, with one subject of inquiry, so that there is no confusion on what they want to know. You will not receive a clear answer if the question is confusing, or addresses multiple concerns.

Remember: The clarity of the answer depends on The Clarity of the question!

Laying the cards

1        4        7        10      13      16      19

2        5        8        11      14      17      20

3        6        9        2        15      18      21

Column 1: Self

Cards 1, 2 and 3. Reveals what most concerns the querent at this time, and also suggests what is awakening within – whether creative energy, confusion, ambition, and so on. Emerging potential or influences are often symbolized by the third card, at the bottom of the column.

Column 2: The environment

Cards 4, 5 and 6. Close relationships of every kind – lover, family, fiends, colleagues, for example – are described in this column. Sometimes the general atmosphere surrounding the querent at home, work and socially.

Column 3: Hopes, fears

Cards 7, 8 and 9. What is the prevailing feeling of this column? Are there any obstacles to hinder or situation or people to help? Do the cards suggest the achievement of dreams and fulfillment of hope?

Column 4: What the querent expects

Plans in progress, projects in motion, known factors, Success or delays may be revealed here.

Column 5: Hidden factors

Here are the surprises and unseen developments and hidden influences at work. Traditionally this is the column where Karma, destiny, fate is glimpsed.

Column 6: Near Future

What may happen to the querent in the next two months or so.

Column 7: Further Future

Events taking place from four to six months ahead are indicated here.

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