The Horoscope Tarot Spread

June 8, 2009

Twelve cards are used for The Horoscope Spread as well as one signicator card.

Each card will represent one of the 12 houses in astrology. Every house (and card) will correlate to a different area of life – when reading Tarot cards in this spread; they will be interpreted in this context.

Card 1: The First House

Ruling Sign: Aries

The Self

This position describes you, how you are feeling and thinking; it can show how you normally work with challenges.

Card 2: The Second House

Ruling Sign: Taurus

Money and material goods

This house represents finance and other material things as well as our feelings and beliefs about them. Whatever is here refers to the current financial situation in addition to how our thoughts have influenced it. If Swords or Cups are present in this position, the information will concern beliefs or thoughts. If Wands or Coins appear, the information will refer to the actual situation.

Card 3: The Third House

Ruling Sign: Gemini

Communication and ideas

Whatever falls in this position will rule all forms of communication, from physical visits, to emails, phone calls and letters. Travel is also indicated but only short journeys and trips, weekends away and work travel. There is a tremendous amount of energy connected with this house, with information and mental energy flowing rapidly. This house can refer to how one communicates as well as news.

Card 4: The Fourth House

Ruling Sign: Cancer

The Home and Hearth

This position is the physical home as well as the emotional home of family and friends. The bricks and mortar can be described as well as the emotional security it provides. Buying and selling a new home, moving and large financial matters are indicated.

Card 5: The Fifth House

Ruling Sign: Leo

Romance, art and pleasure

This position controls love, pleasure and creativity. Many Tarot cards that rule romance also indicate creativity so this card must be looked at carefully. Check position 7, Partnerships as well as position 10, Career, for additional help in interpreting these Tarot cards.

Card 6: The Sixth House

Ruling Sign: Virgo

Health and Work

This position relates to daily work as well as all health issues. Health can connect to every level: mental, physical, psychic and emotional. Coins card in this position usually indicate work while a Wands card usually refers to a spiritual health issue. The work mentioned here is day-to-day and doesn’t refer to your “true” work or calling.

Card 7: The Seventh House

Ruling Sign: Libra


In this house, the Tarot card will refer to all partnerships including lovers or spouses, friends, family and colleagues. The card can refer to the querent themselves or the querent’s feelings towards others. This position can also refer to business partnerships as well as romantic ones. Position 5 should be checked again to see whether pleasures or blocks are indicated – if it is favorable while position 7 is challenged, this will likely refer to creative issues.

Card 8: The Eighth House

Ruling Sign: Scorpio

Death, money and sex

This is the position that covers the major taboos in life: money, sex and death. If a Coins or Wands card appears, what is here will be objective; the appearance of Cups or Swords shows that this is likely a subjective issue.

Card 9: The Ninth House

Ruling Sign: Sagittarius

Travel and far horizons

Reaching far away places is indicated by this position. Education and long term hopes can also be discussed. Changes in mental attitudes or spiritual beliefs can also be revealed.

Card 10: The Tenth House

Ruling Sign: Capricorn

Work and career

The career options discussed in this house are broad and far-reaching. Your ambition, drive, approaches to work and talents can all be shown. Career in this case is not just how to earn a living.

Card 11: The Eleventh House

Ruling Sign: Aquarius

Friends and social groups

Friend, social groups, causes and beliefs are ruled by this position. Social life, community, religious groups, social causes, friends and family will all appear here – both what you hope for and what you have.

Card 12: The Twelfth House

Ruling Sign: Pisces

Secrets and what is hidden

Hidden fears, secret hopes, wishes are revealed in this position as well as the obstacles (internal and external) that limit their coming to fruition. Sometimes what appears here can be hard to talk about or acknowledge.

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