The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

June 8, 2009

The Celtic Cross spread is one of the more familiar spreads and is said to be ancient. It is a reliable method to use when you want to answer a specific question.

How to ask your question

The querent should clearly frame a question, with one subject of inquiry, so that there is no confusion on what they want to know. You will not receive a clear answer if the question is confusing, or addresses multiple concerns.

Some readers use a significator and some do not. If you do choose to use one, after the question has been stated, choose the significator.

Shuffle and cut the cards, concentrating upon the question as you do so.

(More information about the significator here)

Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

Placing the cards

Card 1 This Covers You

Card 2 This Crosses You

Card 3 What Lies Below

Card 4 What Lies Behind

Card 5 What Lies Above

Card 6 What Lies Before

Card 7 Yourself

Card 8 Your  Enviromenmt

Card 9 Hopes and Fears

Card 10 Probable Outcome

Reading The Cards

Card 1 This Covers you

Card 1: reflects the substance of the question. It is a card rooted in the present and denotes the querent’s state of mind.

Card 2 This Crosses You

Card 2: Denotes what is hindering or helping you at this time.

Card 3 What lies Below

Card 3: Describes past influences that have lead to the present situation and have a bearing upon it.

Card 4 What lies Behind

Card 4: Factors which are now passing away are shown by this card. Sometimes they are clearly in the past, at other times they may be influencing the present situation but their influence is decreasing.

Card 5 What Lies Above

Card 5: What influences are hidden from the querent. Whether they are helping or hindering. Could be people, a situation or deception by self or others…

Card 6 What Lies Before

Card 6: Fresh influences, new people, and possible future events. New Possibilities. These may not happen depending on the querent’s actions.

Card 7 Yourself

Card 7: This card reveals the querent’s present state of mind, position, or feelings about the matter at hand. (It is read in combination with the significator card). Remember that a good deal depends upon mental attitude, self-confidence and awareness. Someone who is in a negative or depressed state of mind may find it difficult to make the most of opportunities.

Card 8 Your Environment

Card 8: This card represents the external forces that the querent has no control over.

Card 9 Hopes and Fears

Card 9: This card indicates the querent’s real hopes, fears and expectations regarding the question. For example; some one could be asking “will this new lover be “the one?””. Perhaps the querent wants this person to be “the one” but fears if they commit to this person their life will change in ways they don’t want it to. Like having to move to another state. If what’s indicated here is a fear instead of hope, this fear must be brought to the open and dealt with in order for the querent to achieve the outcome they prefer. If it is a hope or expectation, is it within reason? Or is it unrealistic? These too must be brought out into the light.

Card 9 is what I call the resolution card. The previous cards have shown 1  the issue, 2 what is helping or hindering, 3 past, 4  present, 5 future, 6 influences on the situation, 7 the querent, 8 the environment. All these cards tell the story around the question and explain to the querent; what their situation is, why it is, and who, what and how each is involved. Card 9 asks where the querent stands now that they understand the whole picture around their question. What are they going to do?

Card 10 Probable Outcome

Card 10: This is the probable results if the querent does not make any changes. Now that the querent can see the whole story, they can decide what changes are necessary to have the outcome they prefer.

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