Minor Arcana of Wands

June 8, 2009

King of  Wands

He reveals aspects of your personality that shows you are interacting with

others with strength & compassion.

Queen of  Wands

She represents someone in your life, or a part of your personality.  You are

able to meet your own, and others needs.

Knight of  Wands

Real progress in matters of business.

Fast moving deals and long awaited decisions.

Page of  Wands

Matters may need your urgent attention. Resist reacting without thinking;

check the details first.

Ten of Wands

Carrying an impossible burden. Too much going on, some readers see this

as a sign to lay cards again.

Nine of Wands

You’re in an incredibly strong position. Excessive demands on your time,

energy and financial resources.

Eight of Wands

Others appreciate your true worth. A stimulating phase.

Further your future ambitions.

Seven of Wands

Heavy challenges to your position. The effort involved to over come

the challenges will be worthwhile.

Six of Wands

Wonderful news is on the way. Ultimate triumph over all obstacles. A

favorable legal situation, contract or offer.

Five of Wands

Conflict surrounds you, as you try to manipulate everything. Plan

meticulously and double check everything.

Four of Wands

Reaping creative reward. A broadening and enjoyment of your lifestyle.

Putting down roots or new home.

Three of Wands

A wonderful card for artistic pursuits which represent an intrinsic part of

who you are. Financially auspicious.

Two of Wands

Material stability & financial success. Your efforts will be justly rewarded.

Believe in your skills.

Ace of Wands

Masculine creative energy. Fertile ideas resolve. Successful enterprise or

trip. Excellent for beginnings.

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