Minor Arcana of Coins/Pentacles

June 8, 2009

King of Pentacles

There will be a solving of problems.

Contentment materially and emotionally is near.

Queen of Pentacles

Use your wealth wisely.

She gives freely to others.

A gift may be coming, or you may need to give a gift.

Knight of Pentacles

Progress in business affairs.

You will get where you need to go at a measured pace.

Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles represents the need for

methodical dealings with finances.

Use careful management to protect your long term future.

Ten of Pentacles

A good omen for your finances.

Inheritance from family, investment or a gift will arrive.

Nine of Pentacles

Your financial plans pay off.

Relax and enjoy. Its time to take a break.

People seek your company.

Eight of Pentacles

There is an opportunity to use your talents for a new career,

hobby, or educational experience.

Seven of Pentacles

You are not where you want to be.

This card predicts potential success, but your continued effort is essential

Six of Pentacles

Generosity of spirit.

Unexpected cash arrives, or a simple gift from a friend.

It is feel good money from a sincere source.

Five of Pentacles

Reflects fear of loss rather than actual loss.

Be assured rifts will be healed and mistakes corrected.

Four of Pentacles

You can feel more secure after a period of insecurity or pressure.

Be proud of what you have achieved.

A return to better health.

Three of Pentacles

It predicts a creative phase where you’re planning pays off,

and now you can turn your mind to the really enjoyable.

Two of Pentacles

Harmonious business pernership.

Workable, but chaotic partnerships.

High demands on your time.

Ace of Pentacles

Complete material success.

It can show a win for those entering competition.

A happy period of prosperity.

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