Horseshoe Tarot Spread

June 8, 2009

The Horseshoe spread is a very simple spread useful for answering questions. Because it has only seven cards, and each card represents a distinct sphere of influence.

How to ask your question

The querent should clearly frame a question, with one subject of enquiry, so that there is no confusion on what they want to know. You will not receive a clear answer if the question is confusing, or addresses multiple concerns.

Remember: The clarity of the answer depends on The Clarity of the question!

I use three versions depending on the topic;

The Classic Horseshoe

Card 1: The Past

Card 2: The Present

Card 3: Hidden Influences

Card 4: Obstacles

Card 5: The environment, attitudes of other people

Card 6: What should be done

Card 7: The most likely result

The Love Horseshoe

Card 1: The past – this shows the foundation of the relationship

Card2: The Present – how the querent sees his/her relationship now. Remember this card is very subjective since it refers to someone’s view of his/her partner and may not represent reality.

Card 3: Hopes, Fears and Expectations – This shows what kinds of dreams and beliefs the querent is bringing to the relationship, and may reveal unconscious patterns of behavior.

Card 4: Areas of Conflict – This can be entirely emotional or mental, or suggest financial or other practical problems, such as clashing careers, religious differences and so on.

Card 5: Outside Influences – What worldly factors are affecting the relationship. These can range from a former partner, to the effects of any children, relatives, family, colleagues, and friends that may be having an influence on the relationship.

Card 6: The best current course of action

Card 7: Probable outcome if the course of action is taken

The Work Horseshoe

Card 1: Past influences on your problem or dilemma

Card 2: The present situation

Card 3: What is most positive about this situation. This may include talents and abilities, a sense of security, or represent some kind of challenge which the querent needs in order to progress.

Card 4: What is most difficult about this situation. This represents inner problems such as low self confidence, boredom, inability to settle, being in the wrong job area and so on.

Card 5: Outside factors. This can range from the current economic situation to jealousy at work. Positive outside factors include unexpected help, job offers, and opportunities for further training.

Card 6: Best course of action at present

Card 7: Probable result

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  1. Nice variations for the different spheres. I’ll have to play with this layout. Thanks.

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