Minor Arcana of Swords

June 3, 2009

King of Swords

An ally adept at solving immediate conflicts,but lacks attention to detail.

Keep the pressure on.

Queen of Swords

She represents a firm ally, although there is a need for her to put her own

interests first. Consider closely your needs.

Knight of Swords

Challenges on the horizon. Arrival of battles that are unavoidable.

Departs just as quickly.

Page of Swords

Muster your wits, stay one step ahead in disputes and negotiations.

Good tidings. Shrewd judge of character.

Ten of Swords

An inevitable dramatic ending. Closure can be related to your mind or a relationship.

Be open to new possibilities.

Nine of Swords

A dreadful time of anxiety and stress. You may have endured an illness? Your resistance is low.

Draw on your reserves to pull you through.

Eight of Swords

You may experience bad fortune.

Clarify your thoughts, ask for assistance, and release yourself from panic.

Seven of Swords

Indicates lies & mistrust. Use excellent tactics and cunning to fight hard for

what belongs to you.

Six of Swords

Order & solving of problems. There is still work to be done, but this respite

allows you to recharge.

Five of Swords

Do not battle for an unattainable goal. This is a fruitless fight.

It can be more courageous to walk away.

Four of Swords

A welcome rest after a difficult & stressful period.

This is a time to heal from emotional and health turmoil.

Three of Swords

There maybe heartbreak due to a failure of a romance or an ideal.

New possibilities await you.

Two of Swords

Look closely at someone you are negotiating with.

For a successful outcome, do not be overly emotional.

Ace of Swords

An omen of great victory. Forceful events are about to take you by storm,

being sharp to withstand the pace.

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