Do Tarot Cards Actually Work?

June 1, 2009

When reading for other people, especially people you don’t know very well or have just met, you may find they ask you the question, ‘So, you believe in all this stuff then?’ The question on closer analysis does seem like a silly one: You’re using Tarot Cards after all, so the chances are you do believe in it! But the reason the question is asked isn’t to find out about your beliefs at all, but to gain assurance that the method they are looking to for answers is going to be helpful and trustworthy. This is why; if you are looking to make the person you are reading for (The querent) feel comfortable, you should be able to give them some idea of how you think Tarot Cards work. After all, if you asked a Car mechanic how a wrench worked and he couldn’t tell you, you wouldn’t want him performing any repairs on someones car, would you? The same is true of Tarot Cards: If you are using a tool, yet you have no idea at all how it works, you look as though you don’t know what you’re doing, and this is not a good way to begin a Tarot Card reading!

So, do Tarot Cards work?

Personally, I would answer ‘yes’, simply because I have had experience of it and have seen it work with my own eyes. Some people may say ‘no’, but this is usually based on a visit to a very bad Tarot Card reader, or one of the many ‘fake’ Tarot readers that are found at faires and other amusement places.

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