Minor Arcana of Chalices/Cups

April 15, 2009

King of Chalices

There is resolving of difficulties under firm handling. Mastering your

emotions may not make you happy.

Queen of Chalices

Watch for hidden messages especially in your dreams.

Feelings are strong at this time. Understand them.

Knight of Chalices

New relationship or friend. Question exactly what is being offered to you.

There may be a disappointment.

Page of Chalices

Insecurity. When this card portrays a person or situation, support and

reassurance are key issues.

Ten of Chalices

Complete contentment. This peace is stable and lasting. An auspicious card

for group activities.

Nine of Chalices

New friends and successful intimate relations. Good health, security, and

a dream come true.

Eight of Chalices

Major turnabout. The difficulty will pass as you move forward.

It is best in the long-run.

Seven of Chalices

Great potential & creativity. Confusion threatens to mar your judgment,

go with your first instinct.

Six of Chalices

Flow of the past into the present. Accept your history and gain perspective

and experience to produce positive decisions.

Five of Chalices

Unhappiness in a relationship, breaking with a partner. Focus on what

remains, rather than dwell on what you have lost.

Four of Chalices

A new dissatisfaction is creeping in. Mild boredom could develop into serious

unhappiness. Prevention is called for.

Three of Chalices

This card heralds a birth of a child or project close to your heart. Also

signifies healings and celebrations.

Two of Chalices

Predicts a love commitment. Harmonious agreements and partnerships

that are rewarding.

Ace of Chalices

The ace is the ultimate symbol of feminity. Indicates creatively emotional

events. Artistic pursuits.

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